Coronavirus Preparedness Makes the Remote Workforce the New “Business as Usual”

Topics: BYOD Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Whether your company’s been considering transitioning to a remote workforce or enhancing the “work from home” program you already have in place, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, you may no longer have a choice.


Businesses throughout America are being asked by health officials to consider having their employees work from home due to the rise of coronavirus cases across the U.S. In fact, one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) representative said regarding the possibility of the virus spreading further, “it’s not a matter of if, but when.”


A leading factor in the push to adopt teleworking is that 80% of people will only have minor symptoms, meaning they could be carrying it to the office and infecting others. To prevent an indeterminate shutdown and substantial loss in revenue, many businesses are putting in place a preparedness plan that allows their employees to stay home, whether they’re sick or not.


Even before this epidemic, the rise of employees working from home was becoming a reality for many organizations. Now, the transformation to a digital workspace is accelerating to keep employees healthy and business moving.


Are You Prepared?

If your business hasn’t built a business continuity plan around a remote workforce—protecting corporate-owned mobile devices and BYOD, the data that is on those devices, and all endpoints—then now’s the time, or risk not having a workforce or business at all.


A quarantine could last for months and your business can’t last that long without a viable plan. If you think you have a handle on this and your team can work from home without needing a mobile device management (MDM) strategy, then ask your IT administrator. A quarantine for employees means they stay home too—without physical access to your infrastructure and without the manual ability to troubleshoot, support, and fix your tech, should something go wrong.


Not sure where to begin? Vox Mobile can help you create a strategy to effectively manage all your mobile devices and smoothly deploy a solution that gets your remote team up and running fast while enabling you to scale as opportunities grow.


EMM Keeps Your Business Running Healthy

The first step in your coronavirus preparedness plan should be an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. From a single platform, your IT staff can manage all your corporate-owned and employee BYOD devices, and the sensitive corporate data on them, no matter where they are.


EMM also empowers your end users to be more productive with a suite of mobile business-critical productivity apps and single sign-on that automatically authenticates all users. Employees can collaborate freely without the threat of getting sick or spreading illness.


With an EMM solution, your administrators can:

  • Configure user profiles, and manage policies and restrictions
  • Silo personal information from corporate data on all devices to ensure sensitive business data stays secure
  • Track assets and apps assertively to know where they are and how they’re being utilized
  • Manage and secure corporate email on one platform
  • Solve device-related issues in real time, remotely
  • Push updates and upgrades to your entire workforce easily
  • Remotely lock-down and wipe devices


VMware’s Workspace ONE

Remove the risk of not having the right MDM tool in place and realize the security, efficiency and productivity VMware Workspace ONE can deliver for your business. A Gartner Magic Quadrant Market Leader, VMware is leading the unified endpoint management (UEM) game enabling enterprises to manage all of their workplace devices under one, simple-to-use management solution.


Already have an EMM solution, but now have to expand your licenses to support more employees working from home? Vox Mobile provides substantial licensing discounts to help you get more ROI out of your mobility investment. Our managed mobility services address all aspects of managing your technology, driving enterprise adoption and reducing shelf-ware.


As VMware’s largest Workspace ONE Managed Service Provider (MSP), Vox Mobile provides you with:
• Substantial license discounts
• Unbeatable certified support team
• Scalable service packages based on your priorities, now and for the future
• Full lifecycle management from consultation through implementation to ongoing support


Staying Healthy at Home

Wash your hands frequently, don’t shake hands, cough into your elbow, and ensure your business’s mobility health with Vox Mobile.


Vox Mobile and VMware are your partners for better business health.