Managed Mobility Solutions from Vox Put TravelTab in the Driver’s Seat

By Jim Haviland
Topics: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Managed Mobility Services (MMS) Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

TravelTab partnered with Vox Mobile, a VMware Managed Services Provider in the VMware Cloud Provider™ Program, for managed mobility solutions, including VMware’s Workspace ONE®. Together they migrated 24,000 devices in 30 days, expanding cloud services for TravelTab’s growing operations in 35 cities and new business, including 28 custom apps, boosting revenue and traveler satisfaction.

TravelTab rents technology to travelers, including GPS devices, smartphones & tablets loaded with apps, and WiFi hotspots. Their mobile devices are critical to their business. Challenges include users who are not necessarily technically competent or patient and operations dispersed across many locations without local technical support.

“Our IT team needed to unify endpoint management and streamline app deployments, in addition to providing more secure access to a revolving door of travelers” said Maria Cotton, mobile device systems administrator at TravelTab. “Using the VMware Workspace ONE managed mobility solutions provided by Vox Mobile as a managed cloud service—along with tapping into Vox Mobile’s expertise in mobility innovation and infrastructure management—helps us transform traveler experiences.”

Rob Seemann, Vox Mobile’s VP of sales and marketing for Vox Mobile, explained that the TravelTab project’s challenges included volume, variety, and velocity:

  • Volume: With an immediate migration of thousands of devices, the TravelTab environment is larger than most enterprises. The mobile apps that run on these devices are the most important feature for users and for the business model.
  • Variety: TravelTab supports a slightly wider variety of devices and provides services to a range of users from the least technically sophisticated to the tech-savvy. Add an expansive catalog of custom apps and you have an environment that is far more varied than in our usual enterprise mobile solutions for companies.
  • Velocity: TravelTab cycles devices through customers much more quickly than most of our enterprise clients, as devices are rented for days or weeks and then need to be reset and ready for the next customer.

Vox Mobile selected Workspace ONE managed mobility solutions from VMware as the ideal solution to tackle the above challenges. With Workspace ONE in Vox Mobile’s Managed Cloud:

  • Devices are fully configured remotely, over the air. Local staff doesn’t need to know anything about the technology or the configuration for our managed mobility solutions.
  • Workspace ONE is infinitely available and instantly scalable, with a high-reliability infrastructure that confidently supports bursts of usage or constant expansion. Mobile Device Management capabilities have never been more easily available.
  • With consumption-based pricing, the costs are aligned to needs, eliminating upfront costs for infrastructure while delivering the benefits as you need them. There is no need to buy or install a mobile device management (MDM) tool – you just pay for what you use.
  • Customer information invariably is collected on the devices as they use them to connect to web-based services or make purchases. That information needs to be secured while they have the devices and then eliminated as soon as the devices are returned. As the leading EMM/UEM platform in the industry, the leading security features and capabilities are built in to Workspace ONE. (

The TravelTab Case Study is a compelling example of what is possible with Vox Mobile’s managed mobility solutions with a managed cloud deployment of VMware’s Workspace ONE. Read the full Case Study: