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By Patricia Ross
Topics: Mobile Security

Reducing Telecom Costs with Vox Mobile TEM

Management of telecom expenses has grown exponentially with more employees working from home. And due to growing usage, companies may be spending a lot of money, but not sure what they’re actually spending it on. Telecom cost management is incredibly difficult and it can be very time consuming to consolidate silos of data, allocate and reconcile cost centers, and notice and investigate billing errors.

With access to years of mobility experience, we asked 3 Vox Mobile experts about how Vox Mobile’s telecom expense management (TEM) services can help you reduce your telecom costs.

Comparative perspectives

“Before I joined Vox Mobile, I was responsible for managing the mobility for my previous employer’s entire fleet, including telecommunication costs,” shares Jonathan Swanson, senior manager of Expense Management Services. “I struggled because even though I knew my environment, I didn’t have any other perspective. By outsourcing your telecom cost control to us, you gain access to advanced mobility knowledge from people who have been working in the mobility space since its infancy.”

Rate plan optimization

“A lot of plans are set with the commonality of unlimited usage, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement,” explains Chuck Serapilio, SVP of Sales and Marketing. Our best-in-class TEM software puts everything in one place with easy-to-understand reporting, providing you with visibility into your billing and rates so you can clearly see what you’re paying.

Consumption-based analysis

“When talking with a client, the first thing I ask is for them to tell me how they’re going to allocate so I can understand their pain points,” says Rob Seemann, SVP of Product Strategy & Innovation. This is where consumption-based analysis plays a key role in telecom cost reduction. “Everything may be unlimited, but once we look at what you actually paid per Gig and how many Gigs you used, then we can apply that back to see where Vox Mobile can help you reduce telecom costs.”

Incremental corrections

Carriers can make mistakes and sometimes things get billed incorrectly. We can identify those mistakes, as well as things that may be in your contract that you’re overpaying for.  We’ll also track down those credits which may not be a lot on their own, but they can be sizable, depending on the error.

Zero-usage devices

“Customers find a lot of devices that are just sitting in desk drawers not being used, but they’re still being charged for that usage,” explains Swanson. “This can add up over the months and years.” Vox Mobile can help identify those lines and cancel them, which can significantly reduce you mobility bottom line.

Employee behavior

“Most of your employees aren’t trying to run up the corporate phone bill,” says Serapilio. “They don’t know what the corporate rate plan is and no one told them that they’re doing anything wrong. Pushing manager reporting, even down to end-user reporting, can show the behavioral elements that are running up your bill so you work to turn those behaviors around.”

Dispute tracking

When it comes to disputes over charges, Separilio warns, “The odds are stacked against you correcting them before they become an issue. We can take this on as our burden, wading through your contract and monthly billing so on negotiation day, you’re armed with data that can benefit you when negotiating rates.”


Most organizations use a mix of carriers. “If I’m one person managing an entire company, I may not understand if I’m not getting the best contract and more importantly, I may not be able to quickly adapt to the changes carriers are making,” says Seemann. “With separate bills all in their own language, it can be hard to see exactly what you’re getting for your money.” Vox Mobile TEM can aggregate the data and normalize all of it into one report. We can also implement any changes with your carriers to save you time and reduce costs.

Achieve your goals

Vox Mobile can help you achieve your strategic goals by giving you greater insight into your telecom spend so you can better manage your workflows, processes, and productivity, instead of wasting time and money on trying to figure out all the nuances of your telecom expenses. “We can help you do it cheaper, faster and with more data so you can not only achieve your goals, but do it quicker,” says Serapilio “With us you can put your resources where they can help you the most.”

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