It’s Time to Embrace Enterprise Mobility Management and Stop Living in the Past

By Bonnie Bray & Ryan Cherkala
Topics: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Let’s take a time machine to 2013. Smart phones are becoming common place, and users are merging their work and personal lives on these pocket-size devices. BYOD is born and with it mobile device management (MDM) for managing work email and calendars. MDM has allowed people and businesses to work a whole new way.

Jump to today. No one is still using the smart phone they had back then, however, many organizations are still relying on their 2013 MDM to take care of their mobile devices. However, instead of using just a smart phone, employees use a plethora of devices, including tablets and thin clients, and require access to more than just email and calendars to effectively do their jobs. For a variety of reasons—from uncertainty about their current solution and what other solutions are available to migration and everyday management fears—many organizations are frozen in time when it comes to embracing enterprise mobility management (EMM) for their businesses.

Mobility Health Check

To understand the strength and viability of your current MDM, you have to get to know it a little better. However, if your MDM was created by staff that’s long gone with IT teams throughout the years adding on their bits of tech, it most likely has turned into a kind of mobility Frankenstein’s monster. Since your current team probably didn’t set up the system or make the technology selection, they may not have a clear idea of how it integrates with other internal systems. This mixture of clutter and chaos can leave you one click away from disaster.

To gain a clear perspective into the health of your MDM, you need to work with a mobility specialist. Vox Mobile’s team of experts can help you get to the heart of your solution. If it’s not healthy enough to take you into the next decade, we’ll help you right size it, provide you with recommendations about how to improve its stability, or give you suggestions about other solutions, such as an EMM solution, that will help you now and scale with your business.

Know Exactly What You Need

If you’re ready to put your old MDM aside and move on to an EMM solution that will strengthen your mobility posture, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

• How are you using mobility? Is it just for email, calendar, and contacts or are you leveraging your devices to transform how you do business with a range of apps, driving end-user productivity?
• Are your employees using thin clients, laptops and/or ruggedized devices to get their jobs done?
• What are your security practices? What’s your end-user computing policy?
• How high of a priority is employee accessibility and overall experience?

If these questions are leaving you more confounded than before and now you’re thinking that sticking with your current MDM isn’t so bad, Vox Mobile can help you move forward. We’ll work with you to learn about how your business uses mobility, and share best practices and solutions to help you get the most out of your solution. From understanding use cases and requirements to taking a more in-depth look into your security and the devices your team uses, we can mirror your business needs to a leading solution that will take you into the future.

We work with the industry’s leading providers—VMware, Intune, MobileIron, MaaS360, XenMobile and more—to help you choose the best fit for your organization. We understand enterprise mobility management isn’t one-size-fits-all, that’s why we empower you to take a hard look at where you are now and where you want to go, knowing that we’re with you every step of the way.

Overcoming the Migration Migrainedevices on a desk

Migration is one of the hardest aspects of digital transformation and this is where many organizations get stuck. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t like change and users may push back on adopting a new solution just because it’s new. On top of that, your understaffed IT team may not be too excited about physically having to unenroll and enroll thousands of devices, leading to longer hold times, high abandonment rates, and negative end-user experiences.

Leaving it up to your employees to self-serve will give you only about 50% compliance, with the other half ignoring it all together or burdening your help desk with questions and a need for hand holding. It’s no wonder so many organizations choose to stay in the comfort of what they know doesn’t work, instead of taking on the burden of evolving. But you can move ahead.

Vox Mobile makes migration seamless and pain free. From helping you get the right EMM licensing and standing up your environment to enrolling end users, driving adoption, and reducing shelf ware, we’ve got you covered. We can also set up an augmented help desk to handle all those devices in a consolidated time frame, so you can experience greater productivity and ROI even faster.

Step into the Future

No matter which manufacturer’s EMM solution you choose, Vox Mobile can set you up with the right solution for today’s needs and support your solution for a bright future. We provide you with the advantage of our agnostic experience to fully utilize your platform, leveraging our partnerships to get you the best deal for your budget. And we can help reduce costs in headcount, by relieving your engineers of the mundane tasks of upgrading and updating, so they can focus on areas that fulfill your business’s destiny.

It’s time to step into the future and realize all the benefits your business can experience with enterprise mobility management and the right partner on your side. Accelerate your mobility opportunities with Vox Mobile.