EMM Cures Mobile Device Healthcare Headaches

By Patricia Ross
Topics: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

With the introduction of more mobile devices and tools, enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM) play vital roles in the revolutionary impact digital transformation is having on healthcare. But trying to monitor, maintain, and manage all those devices can cause headaches for your IT team, cut into your ROI, and aggravate healthcare providers. EMM, supported by Vox Mobile, helps organizations of all sizes provide better patient care and enhance their overall mobility wellness, at every level.



Self-service kiosks allow patients to play an active role in their visit to the doctor. Kiosk mobile devices make it easy to update personal information, access health records, review any special provider instructions, and make note of follow-up appointments. Ensuring your patients have the access they need without compromising their personal information means having around-the-clock systems support and security monitoring to keep your EMM solution running optimally.


Front Office

Previously responsible for patient check in, your front office staff can redirect their time and attention to other important tasks. EMM solutions, supported by Vox Mobile, enable your team to increase productivity by helping you maintain and manage a host of devices with a variety of access-level requirements efficiently to maximize up-time and ensure your staff’s devices are secure and up to their expectations.



Most doctors choose to go BYOD for accessing patient medical records, using third-party healthcare applications, and collaborating with other providers. EMM silos personal information from patient information, ensuring sensitive data remains HIPAA compliant. Vox Mobile’s tailored support takes that one step further. We provide you with the tools to manage an effective BYOD environment that strengthens physicians’ abilities to serve clients, and your IT staff’s capabilities to intelligently manage both corporate and personal devices.


Other Healthcare Providers

Mobile devices have transformed the role of practitioners, empowering them with a variety of point-of-care tools—medical software apps and access to hospital information systems. With EMM you can streamline third-party app management, multiple device deployment, and the locking-down of unapproved apps, enabling providers to fully focus on their patients. Vox Mobile’s support is there 24/7 to answer questions and solve issues over the phone, and we have next-day delivery of new devices, so providers are never left empty handed when it comes to providing patient care


IT Staffs

Whether your mobile applications reside in an in-house or hosted server environment, Vox Mobile’s system administration services reduce the demand on your IT resources, expand your support capabilities, and lower mobility costs.



Vox Mobile has a proven track record of simplifying digital transformation for healthcare organizations. We offer the most substantial licensing discounts, or can manage your current licensing agreement, as well as drive enterprise adoption and reduce shelf-ware. With device lifecycle management, we also make it easy to plan ahead for updates, contract renewals, and device upgrades, so you can get more out of your technology investment.


Vox Mobile: Your Mobility Wellness Partner

Managing so many devices manually or using a mobile device management solution with limited functionality and capabilities can cause a significant amount of stress. Introducing an EMM solution without the help of a trusted advisor can only make it worse. Deliver optimal patient care and an exceptional user experiencefor everyone with Vox Mobile as your mobility wellness partner.