DaaS for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide

By Patricia Ross
Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS)

In both our personal and professional lives, we have adapted to consuming the intangibles we rely on “as a service.” This enables us to access a wider array of tools without paying a hefty fee up-front.

For organizations of all sizes, but especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this has been a life saver. From software and apps to Desktop as a Service and cloud solutions, these as-a-service models help SMBs overcome the challenges of effectively managing their mobile workforce.

Yet, organizations are still struggling with the CapEx setbacks of getting multiple devices into employees’ hands and ensuring there are adequate resources to manage and support all of those devices. As opportunities and growth expand, so do the headaches of mobile device management (MDM) for SMB.

According to a global research study, nearly half of global respondents feel their company doesn’t have the technological resources they need to work effectively. In SMBs, only 16% of medium-sized business employees and 12% of small-business employees believe their companies are leaders in adopting new or emerging tech solutions.

However, there is another as-a-service solution that can help you expand your potential without draining your wallet—Device as a Service (DaaS) for small business.

DaaS Simplified

Device as a Service or DaaS are full lifecycle management services that enable you to give your employees what they need to effectively do their jobs while at the same time removing mobility management chaos, reducing spend, and consolidating vendor management. For most organizations, the benefits of DaaS solutions enable them to empower their digital transformation to a virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud server while, at the same time, securing sensitive data and enhancing the end-user experience.

Device as a Service at Your Service

When it comes to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and endpoint management, Vox Mobile has the years of experience and abounding technical expertise to help you easily overcome your mobility challenges and benefit from unified mobility management.

Combining Google Pixel (including the new Google Pixel 6!) with Vox Mobile’s industry-leading managed mobility services (MMS) and securing it with Android Enterprise Essentials, we’ve created a custom, scalable plan that works for your growing SMB.

In short, this out-of-the-box solution provides you with everything you need—and nothing you don’t—to ensure you remain focused on bigger picture growth strategies.

5 Ways to Benefit with DaaS

Empower remote workers

Users’ devices are specifically equipped for their needs, with all their data stored in the data center and all apps customized and ready to go right out of the box without involving IT admin. End users can also receive expedited assistance if troubleshooting or a repair is necessary, reducing employee downtime.

 Better use of in-house resources

Reallocate IT’s attention to more revenue-generating activities, as well as, increase employee productivity through access to the latest technology. Don’t have an in-house team? Fully managed DaaS can be your team, ensuring your devices are maximized to power your workforce.


Unfortunately, SMBs are particularly susceptible to security breaches, as many go completely unsecure due to mobile device management plans that are too complex for their needs. Vox Mobile provides simplified, affordable security with Android Enterprise Essentials, keeping sensitive information and data secure with strong Google-built protections. Paired with Google Pixel, which is configurable and comes with additional built-in threat protections, end users can experience greater peace of mind.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

As your business grows, the number of devices needed to keep the organization running increases, too, often overwhelming internal IT teams that are trying to manage and secure all smartphones and tablets on their own. With DaaS from Vox Mobile, you get support for device procurement, lost or stolen devices, and troubleshooting application problems and connectivity issues.

Greater IT ROI

Achieve greater financial stability and visibility into your mobility costs by moving from capital expenditures to operating with predictable monthly payments that are spread out over the lifetime of the contract. Device as a Service (DaaS) for small businesses paired with management services eliminates additional subsidies from the manufacturer, reducing leasing costs. It also lowers your total cost of ownership by replacing the devices during the sweet spot in the lifecycle where the residual value is high, but before unexpected costs begin to occur, such as break/fix situations or the need for replacement batteries.

For pricing and to learn more about how Vox Mobile can help your small or medium-sized business achieve a more secure mobile workforce, at one predictable cost, please visit: go.voxmobile.com/services/google-pixel.