CSAT | NPS | Customer Satisfaction at Vox Mobile

By Ryan Cherkala
Topics: Mobility Support

Technology is great….when it works.

When mobile devices go down, it is critical that your increasingly mobile fleet has support on standby. At Vox Mobile, we pride ourselves in the fact that 94% of our customers’ mobile end users have their issue resolved on first contact. With the overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score being 86% – the majority of our mobility users are “Promoters” of the service that they received.

While there is plenty to be learned from what went well with the Promoters, what can we say about the other 14%? When dealing with any service, there is bound to be human-error or preexisting frustration that can leave an individual feeling like their situation could have been handled more smoothly. A dissatisfied customer often tends to be very transparent with their feedback, which can be damaging to your brand unless you can get ahead of it.

One of the keys to Customer Success is to treat every escalation as an opportunity to improve the overall service delivery. It should be a given in any service that all end users are surveyed regarding their experience. Every negative comment or survey score should be reviewed and graded. Critical insights can be gathered to improve and revamp processes in order to enhance the end user experience. Areas to consider include:

  • Are there informational or educational gaps that exist, which hinder your ability to provide sufficient end user support?
  • Are support procedures streamlined? Are there extra steps or unnecessary hoops to jump through in order to get their issue resolve?
  • Do your processes follow industry best practice? Can you define what best practice is?
  • Does your current support staff have the bandwidth, tools, and expertise to resolve potentially large-scale business impacting outages at a moment’s notice?
  • Are you capturing the necessary analytics behind the most common causes of escalations in order to build a plan around mitigating those issues from reoccurring?

The final and perhaps most critical element is communication back to the customer. Closing the loop with a final resolution is a requirement. The goal of any customer success team should be to leave the customer feeling that they are in a better place than they were before the issue occurred. While we cannot control that the issue occurred, what we can control is acknowledging that the customer’s feedback was heard, taken seriously, and that measures are being taken to address it for the future. Responses should be structured and consistent; similar to these three steps:

  1. This is what happened
  2. This is what we did to fix it
  3. This is what we are doing to prevent it from happening again

We strongly believe that we are only as successful and valuable as our end users perceive us – and we’re proud to utilize the industry’s leading customer satisfaction measurement to evaluate our performance – through the eyes of our customers’ end users.  CSAT and NPS allows us to more accurately monitor end user satisfaction through uncensored feedback, while utilizing the data for coaching opportunities, daily recognition of top performers, monthly incentives, and workflow and process optimization. Every challenge is an opportunity to look deeper at the level of support you are providing to your customers – which helps establish the groundwork for success.

Let Vox Mobile help you offer superior support to your end users.