Apple Business Manager for an Uncomplicated Device Enrollment Program

By Zach Carman
Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS) Device Deployments Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In the past, one of the biggest obstacles of deploying new, corporate-owned devices was getting them enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. There was a balancing act between putting the work effort on IT resources and the end-user, who would most likely have to call into support for assistance. When Apple™ launched the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in 2014, they made the first step in automating the enrollment process and making these concerns a thing of the past. Since then, Device Enrollment through Apple has continued to evolve and improve and is now integrated with Apple Business Manager (ABM), a one-stop shop for managing devices, content (apps and books), and rules for iOS devices, Mac computers, and Apple TV.

Device enrollment through Apple Business Manager should be utilized for any corporate-owned Apple fleet, no matter the use case. It eliminates the need for IT departments to prepare Apple devices before deploying to employees, and it allows employees to start using their devices out of the box, thanks to automated MDM enrollment. With options for non-removable MDM, devices remain under management at all times. This paired with the ability to restrict access to certain apps and functions ensures that corporate devices will be used exactly as intended when you use Device Enrollment through ABM. If your company struggles with activation locked devices when employees turn in their devices, device enrollment gives you the ability to clear the lock and re-deploy the device without jumping through hoops.

There a many advantages when deploying your Apple devices using Device Enrollment and Apple Business Manager. However, the biggest advantage is that when you purchase Apple devices from Vox Mobile, there is no extra cost to deploy with Device Enrollment. With Vox Mobile being an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider, when you partner with us, you will be receiving premium Apple products, with the option to couple our best in class services covering the entire lifecycle of mobile device management.  If you are interested in learning how Vox Mobile can improve your Apple deployments, contact us today at