Answers to Your Mobile Device Management Logistics Questions

By Patricia Ross
Topics: Device Deployments

Frontwards and Backwards: The Answers to Your Mobile Device Management Logistics Questions

Getting mobile devices in the hands of end users can put a lot of strain on your IT team. From managing inventory and distribution to dealing with repairs and end-of-life recycling, a lot can get overlooked, costing you in hours and dollars. Add to the mix rapid advances in technology that are shortening device refresh cycles, and the challenge becomes how to effectively manage your reverse logistics without inflating transportation and storage costs, risking corporate data losses, and addressing environmental concerns.

As your single-source provider of mobility management services, Vox Mobile has the answers to all your logistics questions—forward and reverse. Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Forward Logistics

Q: With zero-touch deployment, can our business still benefit from kitting services?

A: Some enterprises still require kitting of mobile devices before deployment into the field, either to employees or to various locations, vehicles, and devices. This service may not be necessary in all client engagements, but Vox Mobile’s strong forward and reverse logistics solution enables full-lifecycle management of enterprise mobile environments.


Q: What kinds of kitting services does Vox Mobile offer?

A: We offer primary kitting services that include screen protector and device case application so end users’ devices are protected and ready to go right out of the box. We can also kit devices with Bluetooth peripherals, such as printers and scanners, streamlining workflows wherever work is being done, as well as paper instructions for use and care.


Q: What device deployment certifications do you have?

A: Vox Mobile is a certified Apple Service Partner and we regularly use Apple Business Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program, and Apple Configurator for deploying devices. We also hold Android Enterprise Recommended Managed Service Provider certification for deploying devices, we are a certified partner of Apple, Google, and Samsung.


Reverse Logistics

Q: What’s the value of reverse logistics for our organization?

A: Proper lifecycle management includes comprehensive device collection to maintain an accurate inventory of all assets, helping you realize additional return on your mobility investments. Our reverse logistics include return processing, inventory management, repair or replacement, logistics, and helping you recover any remaining value in your mobile devices at end of life. Our reverse logistics services also support your organization’s environmental initiatives by recycling and disposing of materials in an environmentally responsible manner.


Q: What services are included in Vox Mobile’s Reverse Logistics offering?

A: At Vox Mobile, we want to help you get the most value out of your mobile device fleet by offering:

  • Device Wiping – Ensure that all your company’s sensitive data is wiped clean from your devices
  • Device Visual Mechanical Inspection – Inspect devices and diagnose for physical, structural, and water damage
  • Diagnostics – Perform complete diagnostics using GSX for Apple devices
  • Repair Services – As a Certified Apple Repair Service Provider, we can ensure worry-free repairs
  • Insurance Services – Provide an insurance solution to cover device repairs and replacements regardless of warranty status
  • Recycling Services – Partner with electronic recycling providers to facilitate destruction or resale of old devices
  • Asset Management – Track your assets through the reverse logistics process and provide up-to-date inventory status information


Q: Is there a volume minimum for fulfillment of these services?

A: Vox Mobile does not have device minimums.


Q: Does your organization provide device depot and redistribution options for enterprises?

A: We provide device depot through a report repository for your device inventory and disposition. This frees your team from the hassle of managing multiple processes and provides your organization with a single point of contact for device services, repairs, and maintenance, including on-going device ordering, configuration, and end-user activation support.


Q: What are Vox Mobile’s physical and logistical security policies?

A: Vox Mobile undergoes an annual SOC 2 security assessment that covers all physical and logical security controls and processes we use to secure client assets and data.


Q: Is your warehousing software suite capable of integrating with our platform?

A: Our solution uses ServiceNow to facilitate our deployment and reverse logistics functions. We have the technical capability in-house to complete integrations with this system without additional vendor support required.


As you see, Vox Mobile provides seamless end-to-end coverage for the entire mobile device lifecycle. Let us know how we can help you manage all the moving parts of your mobile device logistics, so you can focus on moving your business forward.