Answers to Your Help Desk Support Questions

By Patricia Ross
Topics: Mobility Support

Quick and Easy Answers to Your Help Desk Support Services Questions

Like consumers, your end users expect seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere. That’s why when something goes wrong with their device or they have a question regarding business apps or functionality, they don’t have time to wait for an answer. And neither do you.

The wait is over. We compiled our most frequently asked questions regarding our Help Desk Support services, to help you get the answers you need quick and easy.


Q: What are Vox Mobile’s Help Desk Support hours?

A: We provide a variety of service options—delivered by our highly trained mobility experts—including Monday-Friday 8-5, 8-8, and around-the-clock 24/7.


Q: What mobile services and partners does your Help Desk Support?

A: We support a wide variety of services, including (but not limited to):

  • Apple iOS, Android OS, Mac OS, and ChromeOS
  • Email configuration and setup
  • Advanced technical support for contacts, calendar and other native device functions
  • Carrier activations (carrier agnostic)
  • Application support to both internally developed and third-party applications
  • MDM/EMM support


Q: What does each tier of Help Desk Support services include?

A: Vox Mobile offers 3 levels of support:

  • Tier 1 is for general Q&A and quick-fix issues related to voice quality, connectivity, basic email/PIM data synchronization and/or native application usage
  • Tier 2 is covers advanced technical support requests, such as email, contacts, calendar, EMM software and/or other native device functions
  • Tier 3 is our most advanced technical support service level for requests requiring access to your EMM environments, including end-user moves, adds, changes and deletions, the application of predetermined profiles and/or other mobile policies and/or corporate email/PIM data configuration

We also provide Application Support for internally developed, and/or third-party applications


Q: What Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software do you support?

A: We currently are certified to Tier 1-3 of support for: Workspace ONE, MobileIron, Blackberry UEM, Xenmobile, MaaS360, Intune, Google MDM, Jamf.


Q: Does Vox Mobile provide a dedicated number for support per client?

A: Yes, each client has a dedicated phone number. And administrators are provided with a dedicated line for account management access.


Q: How are calls routed to ensure we receive a high level of technical support?

A: Our team of expert technicians is notified of requests or incidents through a dedicated toll-free number, an interactive voice response (IVR) extension of your internal help desk, email, chat, or your customized portal. The ticket is put in the queue of the corresponding technician with the best skills to address the request or incident, ensuring all SLAs are being met.


Q: What about security, especially when it comes to terminated employees?

A: When most employees leave your company they do so without any hassles. However, disgruntled employees may want to exact revenge using their mobile devices. Our security policy ensures that all employee termination tasks are completed with 24 hours—including disabling access to both internal and external systems. We also undergo an annual SOC 2 Security Assessment which includes auditing of HR processes including employee onboarding and termination.


Q: What is the support structure for my account?

A: We take providing your end users with an exceptional experience every time that’s why our account support structure is made up of Technical Support Specialists—who handle the day-to-day requests—Contact Center Supervisors and Workforce Planning Customer Success Managers—that manage performance and ensure service level goals are met—and executives responsible for overseeing all our services and technical operations.


Q: How do you measure end-user satisfaction?

A: Vox Mobile delivers the best user experience in the industry. When an incident is resolved, the end user receives a Customer Satisfaction survey asking questions specific to the interaction. We use that feedback to ensure we are meeting our high standards of customer services. Our performance ratings year to date are:

  • 75% of calls answered within 90 seconds
  • Our first contact resolution rate is typically in the 93%-95% range
  • 100% response to email/voicemail requests within 4 hours


Q: What reports are provided for KPI measurement?

A: We have specific SLAs based on severity level of the issue, but in general we track speed to answer, abandonment rate, first call resolution, email response time. This information is provided to our customers on a monthly and quarterly basis, but can be pulled real-time at any point in time.


Vox Mobile Help Desk Support services are focused on supporting your users, providing a quick resolution to any issue, and helping them move your business forward. Our Help Desk Support services were built to deliver superior user experience while keeping your end users operational anytime, anywhere. Contact us today and find out how we can help you drive mobility success