2020 Managed Mobility Services Roadmap

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

No matter how far people stand on one side or the other regarding the issues of the day, our world is becoming more technologically connected. With analysts predicting the prevalence of business-related IoT-connected devices to go beyond 25 billion by 2025 and forecasters at Gartner anticipating that 80% of worker tasks will take place on a mobile device by 2020, companies will find it an uphill struggle to manage all these connected devices using today’s siloed technology.

Having found success with enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to manage their phones and tablets, many companies are looking toward adding their computers and IoT devices to the same stack utilizing managed mobility services (MMS).

Some are seeing progress faster than others, but unified endpoint management (UEM) isn’t an easy pill to swallow. This progression hasn’t happened as the experts had hoped with 2020 being the year it all comes together. Headway has been made, slowly moving from disparate systems to semi-connectivity as mobility strategies are starting to combine the management of these separate systems, but complete full-stack management as commonplace is still a ways away, depending on your IT team’s agility.

Mobility Trail Markers

Evolving isn’t easy — remember cloud adoption — but 2020 holds some significant guideposts in helping you on your MMS transformation journey.

Single, Integrated Platform

MMS transformation

Remember how mobility was supposed to make us more productive? Unfortunately, managing mobile device management using several platforms isn’t positioning you for success. When it comes to managing all your mobility, endpoints and IoT, you need a single, integrated platform that enables you to take advantage of that productivity promise while also yielding substantial savings to your bottom line.

Standardized Simplicity

Using EMM to standardize your security policies, device analytics, endpoint management and device enrollment makes it easier for your IT team to optimize device performance and minimize downtime. This in turn enables them to be more agile in moving your business forward, concentrate on profit-building tasks and increase productivity across the board.

Bespoke Security Solutions

Customized cloud security solutions can be fine-tuned with protection features and options to safeguard a variety of BYOD and company-issued devices, strengthening your security posture to mitigate corporate data risks, and stop attacks before they become breaches.

IoT and EMM in Sync

Getting closer to absolute, universal connectivity is IoT and EMM, simultaneously synergized to deliver a well-controlled and managed connectivity environment. Together, they enhance your agility to not only respond to the influx of BYODs, but drive their value within the organization.

All-in-ONE Unified Digital Workspace

Though the euphoria of fully managed stacks is still a decade away for some, unified digital workspaces are engaging organizations to lead the charge toward more efficient, user friendly, and secure digital environments.

Using AI and analytics, the digital workspace streamlines the access and management of corporate data, as well as securing information, managing complex threats, and expanding productivity tool efficiency.

VMware’s Workspace ONE delivers on these expectations by integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management into a single platform that is available as a cloud service or on-premises deployment.

A step above what companies are using now when it comes to sharing data, Workspace ONE enables you to aggregate and correlate data across your entire digital workspace to drive insights, analytics and powerful automation of common IT tasks that improve the user experience, strengthen security, and reduce IT cost.

Navigating Your Journey

Vox Mobile is perfectly positioned to help navigate your enterprise mobility management journey from start to finish, providing you with consultation services that enable you to configure your investment so you can make the best decision for your company through implementation and ongoing support. We align our solutions to your goals, not the other way around, ensuring you can maximize participation, control costs, and satisfy user and company demand.

Working with organizations of all sizes, we also offer options for a staggered approach, scaling your stack as you grow. Our partnerships with leading IT manufacturers enable us to provide you with a more cost-effective solution than you could get on your own.

Don’t wait until 2020. Let us know how we can help you today.