Mobility is all we do.

Expertise. Flexibility. Predictability.

Vox Mobile is your single source for complete Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Our mission is to help organizations, of any size, reap the full benefits of mobility innovation. We offer a single source for complete Managed Mobility Services, with flexible options to meet your specific needs (today and in the future) – all at one, predictable cost. You can outsource any or all parts of managing your mobile strategy so you can focus your internal resources on the strategic initiative’s core to your business.

Moving at the Speed of Mobile

The world’s leading companies rely on Vox Mobile to help overcome what is arguably the most complex technology challenge they’ve ever faced – everything about managed mobility services is different from traditional IT, starting with the three V’s:

The Three V’s


The number of users, devices and incidents can be huge.


Nothing is standard in the mobile ecosphere –– and it never will be.


Change and risk continue at an unrelenting pace.

One source for all your mobility service needs.

Flexible options and one, predictable cost.

Mobility is all we do–enabling us to provide unparalleled Expertise, Experience and Excellence at every stage of your mobility journey.


We know what it takes to make mobility work.

We’re the best because our focus is on you.

The managed mobility services space is different  the staggering rate of change, extremely high user expectations and the potential for big business payoff. That’s why our focus is on your business and the 3 differentiators that drive mobility success:

1. End-user Enablement

We make it easy for your end-users to get the answers they need–and fast. Our advanced support platform offers a multitude of service channels through live chat, self-service knowledge base, virtual help and live help desk.

2. Need-based Solutions

Our flexible service options let you determine exactly what assistance you need to support your mobile enterprise. It’s also easy to flex our services up or down to meet your changing needs–all packaged up at one, predictable cost.

3. Mobile Consulting & Strategy Services

As your mobility service provider, we’re uniquely positioned to improve your mobile programs and drive strategic planning. Our highly-efficient planning process produces feasible, actionable plans. The deliverable? A custom Mobility Blueprint for your business.