April 28th 2016 60 minutes

Update on DEP: How to Streamline Mobile Deployments

Update on DEP: The next wave of Enterprise Computing













OEMs like Apple have been layering new controls and operational modes into their mobile operating systems as they attempt to capture the next wave of corporate deployments.  But these device enrollment programs only work successfully when they are carefully planned out.  Join us for an overview of what is working, how similar programs compare, and why you should be taking advantage of these available device management tools to improve your enterprise program.




Discussion topics include:

  • MDM enrollment process
  • Security features and Benefits
  • Impact on IT and End Users
  • DEP MTL Member Use Cases
  • Audience Q&A



Featured Speaker:

Brett Wilson, Director Solutions Architecture, Vox Mobile



Jim Haviland, Chief Strategy Officer, Vox Mobile


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