The Month in Mobility – September ‘14

Huge hardware announcements dominated the landscape with eagerly-awaited devices finally seeing the light of day.

Wow, what a month!  September not only saw announcements from Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and others, but we had a couple important industry events that showcased some of the newest technology.

Before we jump to some of the more obvious points, let’s pause for a moment and think about the wearables market.  Motorola and their Moto360 watch sold out in an hour, Apple demonstrated their Apple Watch, and Samsung announced a refresh of their smartwatches; the issue as I see it, at this point, is that those three devices represent three distinctly different ecosystems, and three distinctly different operating systems (Android Wear, iOS, and Tizan).  This limits choice, it limits applications, and I believe that it will contribute to stifling what could potentially be a very useful segment.  My daily driver, so to speak, is an iPhone 6, though a Note 3 travels with me also, but which smartwatch for me?  Quite frankly it’s one I have not mentioned, Microsoft.  One thing they are bringing to the table is cross platform compatibility, of course this could be marketing hype, but it’s what I am holding out for.  Any well done smartwatch will do well, and it’s an exciting nascent space right now, and as we move to the IoT (Internet of Things) wearables are here to stay.iPhone 6

So what else happened this month? Apple launched their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (10 million sold on the first weekend in stores), teased us with the iWatch Apple Watch, and made iOS 8 available to the masses.  What I feel was most interesting about this device launch was that, more so now than any prior iPhone, we had so many leaks that really meant the Apple event was confirming what many had already known.

Samsung Galaxy Edge

Not to be outdone the Samsung event (IFA 2014) saw the public launch of the Note 4, Note Edge, and Tab S.  The Edge was the avant-garde design with a curved 160 pixel extension on the right hand side of the screen, and is something folks have been clamoring for, but then we hear it’s a “limited edition concept” which means to get one you will either have to know someone at Samsung or be prepared to spend some extra $$$ on eBay.

Microsoft-branded ‘Surface Phone’ leaked this month and it demonstrates the integration of the Nokia brand.  The question remains:  Is this the rumored 1820 device many folks have been waiting for?  They also announced the next version of Windows.  One item that is special, in my opinion, is the unified-direction that Microsoft appears to be taking.  One version.  One App Store.  One experience – across all form factors, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop.  When you consider this and the moves Apple is making with their OSX, it becomes apparent that it is less and less about the form the devices are taking and more about the how users are using the devices and how applications are supporting their use.

Sony Xperia

Also at IFA, Sony announced their new Xperia tablets, and the Xperia Tablet Z3 (8”) is of particular interest if you have a PlayStation since you can leverage the Tablet to play games via the DS4 controller.  I saw a few folks using one of the flagship Xperia Z tablets (10.1”) at a conference earlier in the month and I have to say it was some nice looking hardware.


And in the last few bullets of the blog (as I am running out of my allotted characters).

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September was a busy month for those of us in the mobility-space.  I will be reviewing all of the latest developments on a monthly-basis.  Until then…


BrettWilsonBrett Wilson is the Director of Solution Architecture at Vox Mobile and is considered a thought leader within the organization. Brett has implemented mobile policies, developed mobile strategies, and recommended and implemented MDM solutions.  From his 20 years in IT operations and experience as the professional services and mobility platform services manager Brett has developed a strategic and in-depth knowledge of how to navigate the mobile landscape.  Brett will be providing his expert insight on a monthly basis through The Month in Mobility blog feature.




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