March 10th 2016 60 minutes

Mobile Policy 2016: Is your policy up to date or leaving you exposed?

In the post-BlackBerry world, mobile policy has evolved beyond IT rules enforced from a server, and have become a chaotic set of technical, and behavioral guidelines.  Employment law, industry regulation, company culture, and many other factors need to be balanced when creating a mobile policy. With all of these factors in flux, policies rarely remain relevant for very long, leaving organizations exposed if they do not have a robust policy in place. Find out where to focus when updating your mobile policy, hear of some of the top policy pitfalls, and understand the basics of deploying and communicating a policy that will work for you.


Date & Time: March 10, 2015                1:00pm – 2:00pm (ET)


Discussion topics include:

  • Importance of having a robust mobile policy in place
  • Top 5 recommended policy considerations
  • Key deployment and communication strategies
  • Audience Q&A


Join us for this complimentary webinar, sponsored by Vox Mobile.

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