Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis with Vox Mobile

Answers to the 60 Questions to Ask During the MMS Evaluation Process

In our continuing series on evaluating MMS providers we will now address questions that focus on the Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis stage of Managed Mobility Services.

In 2014, mobility industry executive Matt East identified 60 questions that companies should ask when evaluating Managed Mobility Service providers.  Finding an MMS vendor that can meet all of your company’s needs can be frustrating.  If your organization is considering implementing an MMS solution for the first time, or looking to switch vendors, knowing which questions to ask when evaluating providers can help.  The following blog series sheds some light on how Vox Mobile, a Gartner-recognized leader in MMS, would answer these queries within the following categories:


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis
  • Daily Account Management, Technical Help Desk, and Customer Support
  • MDM/EMM Support and Technical Integration
  • BYOD Management
  • Implementation & Onboarding
  • Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis

  1. Does Vox Mobile proactively provide a detailed analysis of our mobile expenses? What file formats are used?

Yes. Vox Mobile provides a Billing Analysis for each carrier monthly. This provides all the details of the charges and usage of each line on the invoice, cost and usage trending information, and notifications / action items.


  1. Can Vox Mobile provide a monthly pooling analysis and reallocate costs to be more predictable?

Yes. Vox Mobile provides the pooling analysis as part of the Billing Analysis excel file created monthly. The charges for each line can be reallocated in any necessary way to spread the cost evenly, as well as make the costs of each line more predictable for each cost center.


  1. If changes are needed to optimize/adjust the pooling, how are these changes recommended or managed?

These changes are listed as Vox Mobile Action Items, and are submitted to the carrier monthly. Also, they are followed up on with the carrier over the next billing cycles to insure they are completed time.


  1. Does Vox Mobile analyze zero use and recommend suspension or disconnection? Are these recommendations made at 120, 90, 60 or 30 days?

Vox Mobile does analyze Zero Usage Devices, and provides details for type of device and contract end date for each applicable line of service. The recommendation of suspension or cancellation is typically made after 90 days of zero use, but can be adjusted to any amount of time deemed needed from the client.


  1. How frequently is the financial analysis completed?

The analysis is completed monthly with each carrier invoice.


  1. Does Vox Mobile reconcile HR data with carrier data? If so, how frequently does this reconciliation process occur?

Yes, Vox Mobile will reconcile HR data provided by the client, and is typically done so monthly with each Billing Analysis, although bi-weekly updates are also common. Along with the HR information we can reconcile additional information, if provided by the client. Examples of additional information to include: Employee Name, Employee ID, Cost Center, email address, Job Title, Department Name, Manager Employee ID, Manager Name, and Manager email address.


  1. How does Vox Mobile help minimize the carrier expenses associated with international roaming and usage?

Vox Mobile will suggest Discounted International Voice & Data Plans provided by the carriers based on usage trends of each line of service.



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