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The 2014 MQ on MMS: An Executive Perspective
The 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Managed Mobility Services signals a maturing of the industry and of the market's need for managed mobility
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BYOD v2 - The Future of BYOD
All the data suggests that we are in a second wave of BYOD marked by more programmatic approaches, nuanced security, and more reasonable cost savings goals.
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Risky Apps 2014 - The Appthority® App Reputation Report
The Appthority® App Reputation Report provides an overview of the security risks behind the most popular mobile apps. Join us for a review of the risky behaviors the most popular apps for iOS and Android.
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The Mobile Thought Leaders Mobile Policy Workshop
Join us for an overview of the tools, tactics and lessons learned from the Vox Architect policy consulting team.
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The Mobile Thought Leaders Trust Score
The MTL Trust Score is an annual review of which platforms are trusted as part of the enterprise. For the 2014 survey, we have expanded both the dimensions of the question and the reach, as all regions of the world experience a heavy flux in mobilit
Webinars Archive
Going Global: Executive Roundtable
Global services have never been more important for companies looking to take advantage of mobility but costs and complexity are challenges. Hear how some companies are making it work.
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Five Critical Actions to Prepare for Mobile Collaboration
Enterprise IT managers who aren't already closely managing mobile collaboration activities will be playing a game of catch-up because, ready or not, mobile collaboration is already happening in virtually every company. A recent survey found that 95% of employees are now using non-approved applications to manage business collaboration – for example, using apps like Dropbox on their smartphones to share and access files. Even companies that have mobile collaboration governance policies in place need a robust toolset to manage collaboration activities and apps today – and to ensure that they can meet the challenges that will arise in the future from evolving collaboration technologies. Here are five critical actions to take to successfully manage mobile collaboration:cloud-appsinside

1. Understand the scope of the organization’s mobile collaboration needs: The first step toward a strong mobile collaboration management strategy is to understand what people are doing with mobile collaboration tools and what kind of data is being shared. A key part of understanding the scope is to assess the risks involved, both from a monetary perspective and liability exposure point of view. Once these questions are answered, it’s possible to develop a solid business case that aligns IT initiatives with target business outcomes.

2. Implement controls: When the scope of the company’s mobile collaboration requirements is clear, the next step is to implement controls to protect data and other company assets. As the enterprise survey indicated, people are already using collaboration tools such as Dropbox, so the IT team will need to develop a solution to manage document access and protect enterprise data. An enterprise-level version of Dropbox or collaboration solution such as SharePoint can enable greater security and control.

3. Deploy collaboration apps: In the absence of a comprehensive mobile collaboration management strategy, it’s likely that employees are using a range of unauthorized apps on their local devices, and it’s impossible for IT to control what happens to documents that are accessed via the app. To get app use under control, companies can deploy collaboration apps via an app store, making sure they designate apps that meet all of the end users’ needs while enabling centralized control and integration with applicable enterprise systems to eliminate data silos and ensure access to current information.

4. Assess the mobile app environment: On an ongoing basis, IT professionals should evaluate the mobile app environment, determine what kind of apps are being used and identify business purposes. One company that evaluated its mobile app environment determined that about 20% of its employees were using document scanning apps, some of which stored data in the cloud. The company didn’t know which apps were being used, which meant they couldn’t be certain that their data was secure. A comprehensive mobile collaboration and app management solution dramatically reduced risks and restored control.

5. Collaborate with users: Enabling collaboration has to be a collaborative process in its own right, both at the outset of mobile collaboration management policy development and in the ongoing process of adjusting the policy to meet emerging needs. It’s important for the IT team to understand business requirements and develop a process by which employees can request approval to add new collaboration apps. It’s also critical for the IT team to have the toolset it needs to analyze apps and identify where data is stored.

Mobile collaboration management is a process rather than a destination, and IT teams that want to address enterprise risk and enhance productivity must be prepared to engage for the long haul. The risks are real: Mobile_Collaboration Approximately 80% of app developers generate revenue by scraping data for third-party use. Sometimes the uses are completely benign, but there are unscrupulous players in the mix, and with an app that is used for business, it’s vitally important to know that sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands. By creating a mobile collaboration strategy that addresses the scale of company activities, uses sensible control solutions, empowers employees with authorized apps, continuously evaluates app usage and seeks user consensus, IT leaders can effectively manage mobile collaboration. Ongoing collaboration with all stakeholders in policy development and implementation is the key to enabling users to work efficiently with colleagues, clients and partners in the mobile age.      
Vox Mobile and AirWatch collaborate with TELUS to launch Mobile Device Management Made Easy
MDM Made Easy | A Turn-key MDM solution that leverages industry-leading technology and services from Telus, Vox Mobile, & AirWatch
7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Deploying Global Mobility
The mobility trend is here to stay, with employers increasingly embracing the benefits of having employees work anytime, from anywhere. That's a good thing, right? And it's easy; even 10-year olds manage their own mobile devices.  But not so fast. What happens when you try to securely manage thousands of devices, many of them overseas? How do we keep end-users productive and happy without breaking the bank? It's not easy, but with forethought, planning, and insight, it's very do-able. We know there are 7 main areas of risk that must be mitigated to have a successful mobility program. Any one of these risk areas can spell doom (or at least nightmare) for mobility managers. Let's take a look at just one risk area for now. Procurement/PurchasingPitfall22 First of all, purchasing devices is not as simple as running down to the nearest electronics big box store. Think about your user base. Will they want to standardize on all iOS, Samsung, or Android devices for both phone and tablets? Will there be a mix of iOS, Samsung, and Android? What types of applications are you going to deploy to the user base, and are there compatibility issues? You should expect that you will be working with regional centers from vendors like Apple or Samsung. These centers will want payments and purchase orders in local currency and will request the final "ship to" destinations at the time of purchase. Attention to detail is critical when ordering. Will you need extra devices for new hires? Will you be setting up the device in a different country than where the device is deployed? If you order an iOS device that's set up in Malaysia but is headed to Japan for deployment, the original "ship to" address can lead to fouled up power adapters for the final destination. Finally, you need to factor into your purchase process the need to clear customs when you cross borders. This can be a varied process depending on where the device originates and where it will be finally deployed. Examples of increasing complexity abound. The major zones tend to be U.S & Canada, Mexico, South America, EU, and APAC. Failure to accurately calculate the time for devices to clear customs can result in multiple break points in your deployment project timeline. Get the full story and the inside tips on how to stave off crises when going global with your mobility. Download the full Business Perspective: The 7 Risky Pitfalls To Avoid When Deploying Global Mobility.
Reviewing Gartner's Magic Quadrant on Managed Mobility Services
In July of 2006 Vox Mobile was "born".  The genesis is centered on productivity enablement via mobility.  This means helping organizations and individuals do more through embracing mobility.  In our 8 years of focusing on enterprise mobility, we have evangelized 2 concepts;  Complete Enterprise Mobility and Connected Lives.   Today, many trends represent aspects of these concepts such as BYOD and enterprise social applications.  When we began our journey we were uncertain of the size and scope of the market opportunity.  This is not uncommon in emerging markets and there have been more than a few days that we have looked for validation that “We Are not Crazy” in our passionate pursuit.  We have learned that the challenges that Managed Mobility Services (MMS) resolve are real and that, while it has taken almost 10 years for the market to start to achieve definition and assimilate critical mass, we do believe that we are now entering a very exciting time for the MMS market.

-- Watch our most recent Executive Roundtable: The 2014 MQ on MMS: An Executive Perspective - Watch Here --

Download the Magic Quadrant The 2014 Gartner MQ on MMS portrays a very different industry and market than the 2013 edition. Gartner estimates that the worldwide number of corporate-liable and individual-liable devices to be placed under management by ESPs will grow by more than 75% in 2014. Driving this rapid adoption is the fast commoditization of EMM software service prices, and the recognition that enterprises require third-party IT services to better manage their mobile estate.  The criteria grew aggressively in 2014.  According to Gartner, two of the seven inclusion and exclusion criteria include: Providers must have at least 400,000 smart mobile devices under management and providers must support at least 15% of their installed base outside their home geographies.  Because of this, I am even more proud of our inclusion and placement with organizations like AT&T, IBM, Deutsche Telecom, DMI, Enterprise Mobile, Fujitsu, HP, Motorola Solutions, Orange, Tangoe, Telefonica, Vodafone, and Wipro.  We believe that this extraordinary growth means that we will most likely see an even more diverse representation of providers in the 2015 version of the Gartner MQ. Gartner Magic Quadrant The challenge for Vox Mobile this year goes beyond simply being included and having a niche position in the 2014 Gartner MMS Magic Quadrant Report.  We need to continue to be inventive and understand that we can leverage our legacy capabilities to meet the market's explosive growth, invest in talent and technology to extend our service catalog capabilities, and build-out partnerships that complement the requests for non-core mobility services.  Only when we exceed expectations and deliver on our promise of Complete Enterprise Mobility, for our clients that are living 'Connected Lives',  will we have distinguished ourselves in an industry positioned for unparalleled growth.  It will happen fast in the coming months and we will have even more exciting news related to the Gartner MMS MQ and beyond.  Stay tuned!  

This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Vox Mobile. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, Eric Goodness, Gianluca Tramacere, Katja Ruud, 24 July 2014

Vox Mobile Included in Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Vox Mobile was ranked #2580 in the elite group due to the company's 3-year 146% growth rate. Vox Mobile is ranked #19 in the Cleveland Metro area.
BYOD is Doomed! Stop All BYOD Use Immediately!
I love headlines.  Really, I love them.  I also make it a point to watch the local news at night to keep updated on the 20,000 ways my daily life “could be killing me.”  The latest “end is nigh” moment is a California court’s ruling that ruins BYOD and that, eventually, every other state will follow suit.  In case you missed it, here are the details:

The Court of Appeal in Cochran v. Schwan's Home Service stated:


"We hold that when employees must use their personal cellphones for work-related calls, Labor Code section 2802 requires the employer to reimburse them. Whether the employees have cellphone plans with unlimited minutes or limited minutes, the reimbursement owed is a reasonable percentage of their cellphone bills.”  [Read the CIO article here]

Despite my heavy consumption of Judge Judy and Law & Order (hotel room TBS), Vox’s legal counsel insisted I open with a disclaimer that I am in no way providing legal advice.  K?  That is out of the way… Here is how I view things:  When I drive my car to work, I expect Vox to pay me for its use.  Vox Mobile maintains a BYOD strategy and I expect them to pay me for using my device for business purposes.  Conversely, they could always give me a car and a corporate phone (I’m open to discussing this car option further @KrisSnyder).  What I feel happened here is that California told businesses to pay their employees a reasonable amount if they use their device for work.  Not surprisingly, their mandate met with some resistance and it ended up in court.   This isn’t complicated, I promise, but first I need to give you your new corporate BYOD plan. You’ve spent a year on it, but I can deliver it in 4 easy steps.

1)  If you are using an MDM, employees have to agree to a full wipe of their personal device at any time.

2)  Employees have to consent to the fact that their phone may be held for e-Discovery.  This has not happened at your organization, ever, but if it does you will give them a “loaner” phone.

3)  You will give them a stipend through payroll.  If your finance team decides it is taxable, you will give them a higher amount to make up the difference.  You will tier the amount: Voice Only, Data Only, Voice and Data.

4)  Hourly Employees will not be given Data

Apply these rules and segment your user base.  That’s it, your plan is complete!  If you don’t want to take my advice, email me and I’ll come out and throw down all kinds of consulting for you and your CIO.   Finally, buy Vox Choice, Now!  [contact us]  You’re undoubtedly skeptical so I’ll give you some reasons: BYOD Nightmare

• When you try to run your BYOD stipend through T&E, you’re going to Fail.  This strategy will add hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars’ worth of processing time, each month, to your program.  Also, cost center managers and the finance team will begin cursing your name behind your back.

• You will invariably create a “simple form” for someone to sign and submit.  I don’t have a lot of characters left so I will simply ask: Why did you stop doing that for laptops, licensing, pens, pencils and everything else you buy? (Answer: It doesn’t work).

• You will compile a really simple spreadsheet for finance, each month, detailing who to pay a stipend. EPIC Fail.  I see so many organizations try this.  So many problems:  You are not informed when someone changes jobs and is no longer eligible.  You forget who is allowed to have 1 connection, voice only, data only etc. and it turns into a management disaster. Some will even forget to check their MDM to see who is actually connected.  Rita, that chic in marketing that always brings in doughnuts, will get paid every month for an iPad that hasn’t checked in on the MDM for over a year and a half!

• Time.  This is simple.  Your team has the time to do this.  You already know that you don’t.

choice180x90 This brings me back to Vox Choice.  Vox Choice manages all of this for you, and more!  It automates your corporate policy to prevent the request before it even starts.  If the user is eligible, it routes for approval.  Once approved, it will auto-provision into the MDM.  Every month it checks who actually connected to the MDM and builds a payroll file.  No longer eligible, no problem: it compiles a user feed every night.  An employee exits?  Boom – it wipes the device. “But I have a Hybrid environment!”  No worries.  Choice handles that too.  Choice can accommodate split billing for features and rate plans.  It slices, it dices and it can split hardware charges any way you can think of: upsize to bigger storage, ineligible replacement etc. In summary, California’s latest ruling on BYOD is not one of the 20,000 ways your everyday life could kill you.  I over-simplified your plan, but you will inevitably fall into the traps I described if you choose to venture-forth alone.  Implementing a BYOD strategy is a difficult journey and, without guidance, could fail miserably.  However, once you have your strategy, Vox Choice can automate your regulatory adherence and compliance, including the details specified in this ruling.
The Top Four BYOD Security Risk Prevention Tips
With employers realizing lower hardware costs, extended customer access to employees, and staff satisfaction, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here to stay.  According to industry analyst Gartner, by 2017 over half of all employers will require employees to use their own devices for work purposes. 4Tips_Download_CTA However, despite growing acceptance of the BYOD phenomenon, serious security concerns remain, including the possibility of data falling into the wrong hands via lost or stolen devices or lax security practices on the part of the device owner. The key to preventing a security breach is to develop and implement sound policies. Here are some tips on creating an effective strategy.

1.)  Outline a formal acceptable use policy. The first step organizations can take to reduce BYOD risks is to create an acceptable use policy, often referred to as a mobile policy. The policy should provide rules and protocols that govern BYOD deployment company-wide, setting standards for users. IT managers can take the lead by kicking off stakeholder discussions about BYOD rules now and into the future and designating a committee to promote and control mobile policy. It’s a good idea to require program participants to review the company’s mobile policy and acknowledge that they’ll abide by it via a signature.

 BYOD Security Risk Management2.)  Identify users and create program participant segments. A crucial step in developing the organizational policy is to define BYOD users and identify various categories of program participants. This exercise gives the mobile policy committee the opportunity to think about any device type restrictions that may be needed, application restrictions and content issues. It also provides an opportunity for committee members to think through the financial implications of establishing a formal BYOD program, including user stipends or business expense rules applicable to employee devices.

 3.)  Select and deploy an enterprise mobility management platform. After the mobile policy is in place, committee members should assess their options and choose an enterprise mobility platform, keeping in mind their current technology and security needs and planning for future requirements. With technology evolving rapidly and employees choosing their own devices, it’s critical to think ahead and select a platform that can accommodate emerging technologies while keeping up with user demand and protecting corporate assets. The platform should feature strong network access controls.

 4.)  Plan to provide support for user-owned devices. Some company policy-makers mistakenly believe that BYOD means they no longer need to provide device support. This is a mistake that can lead to security breaches and decrease employee job satisfaction. Instead, companies should develop support protocols to manage all phases of BYOD, from device procurement and provisioning through decommissioning. By providing support and helping employees manage assets, technical professionals will gain valuable opportunities to ensure BYOD policies are followed, identify emerging vulnerabilities and help employees comply with safe practices.

From an enterprise IT perspective, BYOD is one of the most significant workforce technology trends ever. That means it’s absolutely essential to manage it proactively. By establishing a formal acceptable use policy, identifying policy decision-makers and user groups, selecting a management platform and providing ongoing support, IT professionals can maximize the benefits of BYOD and minimize the risks.
A Resource to Address 'Mobility Strategy Overload'
Vox Mobile has been evangelizing about the power of mobility to transform lives and businesses since our founding 8 years ago.  That whole time, we have been supporting and sometimes goading our clients to take steps towards utilizing mobility’s full potential. Through white papers, webinars, our support for Mobile Thought Leaders and an ever-growing list of executive briefing sessions, we have tried to make it easier and clearer for organizations to find their path towards deriving extraordinary value from their mobility program. Mobile Strategy Overload And Finally, the Year of the App! With the growth of relevant content and an expanding definition of Managed Mobility Services, or what we call Complete Enterprise Mobility, there is a need for curation; a need for a place where those who are interested in learning all they can about what the choices are in enterprise mobility and to obtain guidance in how others are making those choices. This blog will provide easier access to all the voices of expertise across Vox Mobile, The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), Mobile Thought Leaders, our clients and our larger ecosystem. You can expect to find a wide range of thoughts and media linked from this stream including:Herein lies the problem that this blog will try to address.  
          • Best Practice: Short articles on best practices as gleaned from our consulting group, Vox Architect, and from our R&D teams working on various technologies.
          • Webinar Abstracts: We produce a number of web events and recorded presentations, usually lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.  The abstracts will give you a better sense of what is covered in the full event so you can decide whether it is the right resource for you.
          • New Products: Overviews of new products that may be of interest to our clients, including hardware, systems, apps, and services
          • Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions on technical or policy concerns that require some attention
          • White paper Abstracts: We will provide some of the key take-aways and the most interesting info graphics from our research and reporting so you can find the right white papers more easily and so those with short attention spans can learn a few things
          • Mobile Thought Leaders surveys and results: The Mobile Thought Leaders program (MTL) is helping hundreds of organizations fro around the globe to share their stories, insights and concerns about enterprise mobility.  Throughout the year, MTL sponsors market and technology research projects.  We will use the blog as one of the many places you can keep up with the opportunities to participate or access MTL research.
          • Event recaps: Not everyone can attend all the industry events, like Mobile World Congress, AirWatch Connect, Gartner Symposium, to name a few. As our team members take part in these events, they will attempt to bring back some notes on the experience, the themes and the lessons learned.

As I said, the list of materials and information is extensive, but we see this kind of information sharing as a critical part of our mission:

We empower our clients to achieve their business vision through Complete Enterprise Mobility. [learn more]

I look forward to sharing with you and welcome your thoughts and feedback.  
Vox Mobile Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services Report for Second Consecutive Year
Vox Mobile Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services Report for Second Consecutive Year
Vox Mobile, GEMA Team Up to Develop New ‘Open Source’ Model for Global Consulting Best Practices to Help Enterprise Mobile Providers Get Ahead of the Curve in Developing Markets
Vox Mobile hosted the first-ever GEMA Consulting Summit last week to facilitate the groundbreaking collaboration, aimed at developing a set of open source-style best practice standards that would provide a framework for enterprise mobility solution providers around the world to use in solving enterprise mobility challenges for multi-national companies.
Vox Mobile Named a Leader in Global BYOD Management Services by Independent Research Firm
Vox Mobile, a leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions, today announced they were named a leader in global BYOD management services by Forrester Research, Inc. The report, "The Forrester Wave™: Global BYOD Management Services, Q2 2014”, selected and evaluated the 13 vendors in the emerging BYOD ecosystem and Vox Mobile received the highest score in the group for Focus and Customer Feedback.
Mobile Thought Leaders opens the 2014 Trust Score Survey
Which mobile platforms do you trust?
GEMA selects EVRY as Exclusive MMS Partner for Nordics Region
EVRY ASA, covering the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) joins as associate member for GEMA.
New GEMA Member Boosts Global Managed Mobility Services in Ireland
CWSI joins the world's leading managed mobility services provider.
5 Best Reasons to Embrace BYOD is released
Mobile strategy brief on the BYOD business case outlines methods and strategies for cost savings, cost avoidance, efficiency and innovation including a means of quantizing those factors.
New Founding Member Enhances Global Managed Mobility Services in Mexico
GEMA continues expansion with Mexican powerhouse, BMobile
GigaOM Forecasts Multi-vendor Enterprise Mobility
Cormac Foster reports that multiple over-lapping and fast changing solutions will be needed in the short term, until consolidation sets in.
John Marshall, AirWatch CEO, joins the Mobility Roundtable
The Executive Roundtable will ponder "what worked in 2013" as part of our 2014 Strategic Planning series.
GEMA continues global expansion
The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) continues to expand coverage.
GEMA adds Italian partner, YouCo
GEMA expands coverage of Europe with
Special Guests added to the Executive Mobility Roundtable for October
IT Leaders from The Principal Financial join the panel for a discussion of security, cost, and usability balance
GEMA Welcomes New UK Member Qolcom
The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance, the world’s leading provider of enterprise mobility managed services to multinational organisations, today announced that the United Kingdom’s premier wireless integrator and specialist enterprise mobility service provider, Qolcom, has joined GEMA, significantly boosting the alliance’s capabilities and presence in the UK.
Vox highest on “Ability to Execute” Axis of the MMS MQ
Gartner MQ for MMS provides insinght into an evolving industry.
Vox Mobile Best Able to Execute in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services
Vox Mobile is positioned highest on "Ability to Execute" Axis of MMS Magic Quadrant
Vox Mobile Announces Vox Choice
Enterprise Mobility Solution Enables Efficient Management of Unified BYOD and Corporate Mobility Environments
Automation and Self-Service are Key to Successful Enterprise Mobility
Gartner and Forrester agree that automation to cost reduction or containment on Enterprise Mobility
BYOD Research from Gartner and Vox Mobile
BYOD research from industry-leading analyst David A. Willis and the consulting division of Vox Mobile.
Vox Mobile CEO Kris Snyder Awarded Ernst & Young’s Technology Entrepreneur Of the Year® 2013
Vox Mobile, the leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions, today announced its CEO, Kris Snyder, has received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year® 2013 award in the Technology Category for the Northeast Ohio Region.
GEMA and BlackBerry Join Forces to Help Companies Transition to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 Devices
GEMA and BlackBerry® today announced the signing of a BlackBerry® 10 Readiness Services global agreement to make the transition to BlackBerry Enterprise® Service 10 and migration to BlackBerry® 10 simple and seamless for enterprise customers worldwide.
The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance Adds Nicholas McQuire as Managing Director and CEO
The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) today announced that noted enterprise mobility expert Nicholas (Nick) McQuire has been named managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) of the alliance. McQuire comes to GEMA from the London office of research organization IDC, where he served as the vice president of enterprise mobility strategies.
Vox Mobile is a proud Sponsor of BlackBerry Live 2013!
BlackBerry Live Orlando World Center Marriot, Orlando, Florida BlackBerry Live is the event enthusiasts, business leaders, IT decision makers, developers and partners look forward to all year. BlackBerry Live is BlackBerry’s way of showing excitement about supporter success. This year is all about BB10, unbeatable insights, winning ideas for mobile strategies, inspiration and practical business solutions. As a BlackBerry Alliance Elite Partner, bitHeads will be attending BlackBerry Live! Be sure to come find us. Register now to be a part of this not to be missed annual event.
Mobile Security: Finding a Balanced Approach
Let’s face it, employees will no longer tolerate a significantly restricted device that limits their usability. When it comes to mobile...
Brett Wilson and Jim Haviland in NetworkWorld on BES 10
To fully exploit the new BB10 operating system and devices, BlackBerry customers will need to change their traditional BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) infrastructure in whole new ways.
Vox Mobile CEO, Kris Snyder, is quoted at the launch of Blackberry 10
BlackBerry' new touchscreen Z10 is now out in Britain, but won't hit the U.S. till at least March...
Vox Mobile featured in Telecom Reseller
Jim Haviland, Vox Mobile’s CMO and Managing Partner of Vox Mobile’s strategic consulting arm, wrote a great primer for enterprises venturing into the world of mobility...
Vox Mobile at Wavefront, February 6
Join VP of Consulting Harjot Sidhu at Wavefront Business Summit in Vancouver, BC on February 6th
Vox Mobile Named NorthCoast 99 Honoree
Vox Mobile has been named as one of the NorthCoast 99,recognizing the top places to work in the area.
MMS: The Antidote To Your Mobility-Induced Headache?
Mobility has become a complex undertaking for enterprises, with more employees (both executives and line-of-business workers) utilizing mobile devices, and applications and operating systems proliferating rapidly...
Will the New BlackBerry Win Back Corporate Customers?
About three years ago, some 2,500 employees at Land O' Lakes Inc. used company-issued BlackBerrys. Today, the number at the Minnesota butter maker is down to 12...
40 Under 40: Gerald Hetrick
Vox Mobile Collaborates with NQ Mobile(TM) to Provide Enterprise Mobile Security
Technology and market collaboration to integrate and offer enterprise endpoint mobile security solutions to Vox Mobile customers globally
Vox Mobile Receives Apple® Mobility Technical Competency
Vox Mobile Receives Apple® Mobility Technical Competency. The Apple Consultants Network is a select group of member companies staffed with professionals who hold Apple certifications and competencies...
New MDM Features In iOS 6 Could Benefit MSPs
Marcia Pledger writes on BYOD and the shift from the BlackBerry Standard
Marcia Pledger from The Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke with Vox Mobile CEO Kris Snyder as part
Growing number of businesses shifting away from BlackBerry phone (video)
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Diane Helbig doesn't mind being part of a minority, as a proud owner of a BlackBerry phone and a BlackBerry Playbook tablet...
GEMA and RIM to Jointly Help Multinational Customers
GEMA and RIM to Jointly Help Multinational Customers with Mobile Device Management (MDM)...
GEMA and RIM to Jointly Help Multinational Customers with Mobile Device Management (MDM) Deployments and BYOD Challenges Leveraging BlackBerry Mobile Fusion
GEMA, the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance, and Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced an agreement to jointly deliver global managed mobility solutions for multinational customers.
Vox Mobile in Wired Magazine
Vox Mobile in Wired Magazine: Vox Mobile was mentioned recently amongst a sizable stack of mobile technology companies who have met wit success and funding...
Mobile Companies Connect With Almost $4B in VC Funding
Venture capitalists say mobile is the future and this year they’re putting their money where their mouths are. A report from M&A firm Rutberg & Co. covering the first half of 2012 shows firms invested $3.9 billion in mobile companies...
Kris Snyder: Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist
In 2006, Snyder launched Vox Mobile by acquiring Mobility Practice with his own savings and investments from friends...
Businesses looking for help with smart phones, tablets aid Vox Mobile's growth
Vox Mobile Inc. should thank that guy who keeps asking his boss if he can get an iPhone. All those businesses that are starting to let their employees use iPhones...
Companies' mobile dos, don'ts lists growing
With more devices in the workplace, firms' policies are more detailed. With more devices in the workplace, firms' policies are more detailed...
Vox manages a mobile world; Company triples in size as businesses look for smartphones, tablets
Vox Mobile Inc. should thank that guy who keeps asking his boss if he can get an iPhone. All those businesses that are starting to let their employees use iPhones...
Vox Mobile LLC raises $7.5 million in growth capital
A fast-growing Independence company that helps businesses manage their mobile devices has raised $7.5 million in growth capital...
Vox Mobile Announces Completion of $7.5 Million in Financing Led by Edison Ventures
Venture funding used to fuel the growth of managed mobility services
Vox Mobile Achieves 95 Percent Annual Revenue Growth as Demand for Enterprise Mobility Management Increases
Research by leading analyst firm, Gartner, rates Vox Mobile product viability “Excellent”
TELUS selects Vox Mobile to power managed mobility services for Canadian enterprises
TELUS and Vox Mobile launch an end-to-end mobility management suite for the Canadian market.
Kris Snyder goes the distance to put Vox Mobile over the finish line
Set a goal and constantly try to achieve it — it sounds like page one of any business manual. But for Kris Snyder, CEO of Vox Mobile, it’s not only his business vision, it’s his distance running formula. Early in his training, he focused on one visual image...
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AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2014
AirWatch Connect, the leading event for enterprise mobility, connects you to the people, tools and technology to
> register here
Chicago Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Workshop
Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Chicago Chapter invites all individuals working in enterprise mobility to a unique
> register here
Future Webinars
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iPads for the Salesforce
September 04th 2014 [ 60 min] 12:00pm (ET) US & Canada (GMT 05:00)
Outside sales has been one of the most mobile parts of organizations for decades and often are the first to adop...
Apple in the Enterprise
September 19th 2014 [ 60 min] 2:00pm (ET) US & Canada (GMT 05:00)
Consumers and IT departments are anxiously awaiting the release of the iPhone 6 and iOS8. Join us for a run dow...
BYOD v2 - The Future of BYOD
September 23rd 2014 [ 60 min] 1:00 PM ET US & Canada (GMT 05:00)
All the data suggests that we are in a second wave of BYOD marked by more programmatic approaches, nuanced secur...