Implementation & Onboarding MMS with Vox Mobile

Answers to the 60 Questions to Ask During the MMS Evaluation Process

In our continuing series on evaluating MMS providers we will now address questions that focus on the Implementation and Onboarding stage of Managed Mobility Services.

In 2014, mobility industry executive Matt East identified 60 questions that companies should ask when evaluating Managed Mobility Service providers.  Finding an MMS vendor that can meet all of your company’s needs can be frustrating.  If your organization is considering implementing an MMS solution for the first time, or looking to switch vendors, knowing which questions to ask when evaluating providers can help.  The following blog series sheds some light on how Vox Mobile, a Gartner-recognized leader in MMS, would answer these queries within the following categories:


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis
  • Daily Account Management, Technical Help Desk, and Customer Support
  • MDM/EMM Support and Technical Integration
  • BYOD Management
  • Implementation & Onboarding
  • Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


Implementation & Onboarding


  1. On average, how long does it take Vox Mobile to fully implement your MMS solution?

Depending on the services you have selected a typical implementation runs from 45 to 90 days. We sift through a lot of information to ensure all of your requirements are captured and are careful to make sure we have everything reviewed and documented.


  1. How long did the shortest/longest implementations take? Why?

We have completed some implementations of Assist services within a 30-day period and that is due to the fact the client understood their user base, the devices in their environment and had the right people engaged as part of the team. Some of the longer implementations can take months due to challenges collecting user information and requirements.


  1. How frequently are implementation meetings conducted?

We always meet at least once a week and will typically have one additional breakout session each week. This varies based on project team availability and timelines.


  1. Are these meeting virtual or in person?

The majority of our meetings are handled virtually utilizing GoToMeeting.


  1. How do you know our carrier account information?

At the beginning of the engagement we will work through a letter of authorization process with the project team identifying all existing accounts and working through making Vox representatives authorized users on your carrier accounts. It may also require someone providing us carrier portal access. An introduction to your carrier account manager is always helpful to begin to develop our relationship and to inform them of changes your organization will go through.


  1. What information do you need about our users?

Depending on the services selected, you will need to be prepared to provide your user names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and device information if available. If you have opted to utilize our Vox Choice software we will also need to identify your reporting structure for the approval process, cost center, and ability to define which permissions and segments each user falls into. Oftentimes this information can be pulled from Active Directory or an HR database. This can be a challenge, but proves to be very rewarding when clean information is entered into our systems.


  1. If we don’t have a wireless policy, will you help us create one?

As part of our Vox Architect solution we can help you create a corporate wireless policy.  Having a clearly-defined policy makes the journey easier since having a policy, and being able to communicate that policy, is helpful toward being able to set up our services and support.


  1. Who configures the approval process within your technology?

If you utilize our Vox Choice software we will work to identify which order flows require approval and which ones do not. As a client, you will need to provide us with details of who the approvers will be.  As part of the Vox Choice configuration we walk through the approval process with you to determine what makes sense in your organization.


  1. Can we configure administrator rights to specific users and define their role within the technology?

As part of the Vox Choice software you can assign administrators with special permissions.  You can also create additional levels of permissions based on user’s needs. We often see organizations create:


  • Super Admins who can configure the majority of all items within the software;
  • Directors who can perform many tasks for themselves and for the people who report to them;
  • Managers who may have less permission but can still order on their employee’s behalf; and finally
  • Users who have access to place orders for themselves.


Each client is different and we help you work through your permission groups and flows to create the best outcome for your environment.


  1. Will there be overlap of the implementation project team and my ongoing account management team?

Yes, you will work with a Project Manager who will stay involved throughout the duration of your implementation and 30 days post ‘go live’.  At ‘Go live’ Vox Mobile will assign you a Client Experience Manager that will handle ongoing management of your account. If you have selected our Vox Choice software you will also be introduced to a Software implementer that will work with you and the Project Manager.


  1. Can we meet our implementation project manager and account manager prior to signing a contract?

Potentially.  We assign our Project Managers based on the type of project and their current work load.  If signing is delayed, the assigned Project Manager may change.


  1. Can we conduct an onsite visit?

Absolutely!  We love visits form our clients and can provide you a personal view of our Support Center and Deployment Center where you can see us in action.


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West, Matt. “60 MMS Evaluation Questions.” 24 June 2012. Web

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