November 12th 2015 60 minutes

How to Plan and Execute Mobile Migrations

The rapid pace of innovation in mobile devices, management tools, applications and content has made managing it all feel like shooting at a moving target. During this webinar we will outline a methodical approach to selecting and deploying the right Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools and how to support your organization’s mobile users during the migration process.

Join us for this complimentary webinar learn how to be ready to successfully deliver on your organization’s migration needs.


Discussion topics will include:

  • Drivers for changing your EMM
  • Developing and executing an effective migration strategy
  • Avoiding 5 of the top migration pitfalls
  • End-user experience support readiness and critical success factors
  • Real use-case examples and lessons learned

Featured Speaker:

  • Rob Seemann, Director Global Solution Architecture, Vox Mobile
  • Brett Wilson, Director Solutions Architecture, Vox Mobile


Who should attend: CMIOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other IT, clinical services, research, operations and human resources management that are stakeholder’s in mobile initiatives.

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