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Created February 9, 2015 by Jim Haviland

EMM: Delivering value beyond mobile device management

When employees first began bringing personal devices to the workplace to use on the job, IT professionals had to make significant strategy adjustments to address the new reality. Accustomed to visualising security as a solid perimeter, they suddenly had to contend with a proliferation of new endpoints in the form of mobile devices operating on multiple platforms. The mobile revolution meant the way IT professionals viewed security had to change, and as mobile technology continues to evolve, IT organisations’ security stance will have to change again.

In the early days of the “bring your own device” (BYOD) era, some IT organisations tried to avoid the issue by simply banning the use of non-company issued devices on the job. But employees will almost always have access to new devices and apps, the inclination to use them, and, in many instances, enough knowledge to figure out a way to make them part of their workday regardless of policy. Policies that have been entirely based on restricting behaviour usually fail to keep anyone in line.

There’s no going back to the days of a solid security perimeter around the hardware: it’s just not possible to put the genie back in the bottle.

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By Jim Haviland • via EnterpriseAppsTech