eCOPE: The BYOD Alternative

extended Corporate-Owned Personally Enabled

Pressure to embrace Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) in organizations throughout North America is at an all-time high as personal smartphone and tablet ownership continues to grow.  Many organizations are beginning to recognize that the true benefit of BYOD is as a cost-effective boost in productivity, rather than a net reduction in mobility costs.  Primarily, this productivity gain is realized through a dramatic increase in mobile device penetration in the employee base. (See Figure 1)BYOD-Benefit-Zone

Corporate implementation of a comprehensive BYOD program can be highly complex with activities such as: Establishing appropriate governance; Updating mobility policy; User profile and use-case design; Financial modeling; Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) server configuration; and Operational workflow design.  That being said, action must be taken to address the demand for BYOD along with any unauthorized BYOD activity that may already be taking place.

Implementation of a company-wide BYOD program may be greatly concerning for some organizations due to a variety of factors such as security, privacy, tax implications, union contracts, and more.  In such cases, an alternative to BYOD does exist in a program referred to as extended Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled or eCOPE.

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eCOPE_WhitepaperThe Whitepaper includes:

5 Benefits of eCOPE
BYOD vs. eCOPE Financial Modeling
9 Key Considerations for Implementing eCOPE

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