BYOD Management with Vox Mobile

Answers to the 60 Questions to Ask During the MMS Evaluation Process

In our continuing series on evaluating MMS providers we will now address questions that focus on BYOD Management as part of Managed Mobility Services.

In 2014, mobility industry executive Matt East identified 60 questions that companies should ask when evaluating Managed Mobility Service providers.  Finding an MMS vendor that can meet all of your company’s needs can be frustrating.  If your organization is considering implementing an MMS solution for the first time, or looking to switch vendors, knowing which questions to ask when evaluating providers can help.  The following blog series sheds some light on how Vox Mobile, a Gartner-recognized leader in MMS, would answer these queries within the following categories:


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis
  • Daily Account Management, Technical Help Desk, and Customer Support
  • MDM/EMM Support and Technical Integration
  • BYOD Management
  • Implementation & Onboarding
  • Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


BYOD Management


  1. If we decide to launch a BYOD program, will Vox Mobile be able to manage that project?

Absolutely!  At project kick-off, Vox Mobile will assign a project manager that is able to work with you throughout the duration of your engagement.  Generally there are a few key phases you will need to follow:

  • Discovery: Identify who will be impacted
  • Planning: How will you communicate to your users and how will they opt in or out
  • Execution: Who will contact the carriers and complete enrollments

Whether only using our software to facilitate the process, or coupling that with our services to complete the work, Vox Mobile is here to offer expert assistance.


  1. Does Vox Mobile support current BYOD users?

73% of our Managed Mobility clients have a formal BYOD program.


  1. How does Vox Mobile support BYOD from a help desk, stipend, policy, inventory, MDM / EMM, technical, and financial perspective?

The only core difference in corporate liable versus personal liable support is around carrier interaction.  When carrier interaction is needed on a BYOD device, Vox Mobile will transfer the end user to the carrier and drop from the call.  All other functions, from general use to specific business applications, are supported by our agents.  Our software platform, Vox Choice, helps you manage policy acceptance, stipend management, MDM enrollment and inventory for your program.

  • Policy Acceptance: Your specific policy is uploaded into the software and end user acceptance is required in order to request connection. The acceptance is date and time stamped and made available to you from an auditing perspective.
  • Stipend Management: At your designated payment interval, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc., the software will generate a payment file to your finance team for all eligible and connected users.
  • MDM Enrollment: Vox Choice is integrated with most MDM solutions for auto-provisioning upon request approval. Where integration is not possible, Vox agents can provision users with the purchase of our Vox Assist services


Vox Mobile has more answers to the 60 Questions to Ask during the MMS Evaluation Process:

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