September 10th 2015 60 minutes

BYOD in Healthcare - Mobile Thought Leaders Online

Topic: BYOD in Healthcare
Mobility is transforming the healthcare industry, and with this transformation come distinct challenges healthcare organizations are facing in deployment and support of mobile. With HIPAA compliance and security standards, BYOD presents a high hurdle to clear in the healthcare environment, but one that has to be addressed due to the mobile nature of the healthcare workforce and the increasing ownership of personal mobile devices.This essential community event – BYOD in Healthcare – is designed to help address some of the tough realities of supporting BYOD in healthcare, and will discuss how to create and implement a program to best address your organization’s unique needs. 

Discussion topics will include:

  • Deciding BYOD or No BYOD (benefits, myths, and challenges)
  • Addressing HIPAA Compliance & Security Challenges
  • Developing a BYOD program that works for your organization
  • Supporting your diverse user population
  • Understanding secure messaging realities
  • Dealing with payment, replacement, and expense management issues


Featured Speaker:
Harjot Sidhu, VP of Consulting, Vox Mobile


Who should attend:
CMIOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other IT, clinical services, research, operations, and human resources that are stakeholders for mobile initiatives.

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