December 08th 2015 30 minutes

Android Grows Up: Android for Work gives control and consistency

Android grows up! During this Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Webinar, we will feature the version of Android that is designed to address enterprise concerns and provide security and tools to address the broad range of android devices. The featured technology provider is Google. The session will answer the Top 10 Concerns organizations have about allowing Android devices in their environments. Click “sign up” to join this webinar series dedicated to mobile innovation and best practices. Join the MTL Community here: Membership


Discussion topics during our technology review include:

  • Top 10 Concerns about Android for the Enterprise
  • Security and Data Separation
  • Supporting Employee-owned and Company-provisioned devices
  • Application Deployment and User Experience Management


Featured Speaker:

  • Mike Burr, Sales Engineer, Android and Chrome for Work at Google
  • Harjot Sidhu, Vice President Consulting Services, Vox Mobile
  • Jim Haviland, Chief Strategy Officer, Vox Mobile


Who should attend: CMIOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other IT, clinical services, research, operations and human resources management that are stakeholder’s in mobile initiatives.


Mobile Thought Leaders Online

A webinar series dedicated to mobile innovation and best practices.


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