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Created January 28, 2015 by harjot-sidhuvoxmobile-com

7 Ways to Secure Data on Employee Devices

News of massive hacking attacks that expose sensitive company data and compromise customer account information has businesses of all sizes taking a closer look at their data security practices. The issue takes on even more importance in the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) era, which requires a framework of policies, operations and technologies to ensure that BYOD fulfills its promise of greater productivity instead of just expanding vulnerability.

Like it or not, infosec and IT professionals are no longer fully in charge – employees are because they have access to more powerful technology assets than the company can provide, and they are already using their devices on the job. It’s up to companies to create a BYOD program that manages these resources efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips that company IT managers can use to secure data on employee devices:

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By Harjot Sidhu • via