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Created June 4, 2015 by harjot-sidhuvoxmobile-com

5 Ways to Manage Employee Mobile Usage

Whether your company provides devices to employees or reimburses team members who use their own mobile devices on the job, it’s important to set ground rules and manage expectations. A policy that spells out exactly what employees can expect from the IT team helps strengthen employee relationships with the company and can also protect both parties from excessive charges or data loss.

1.  Let employees know privacy isn’t absolute. When devices are used for business and personal communication, the employer has a legitimate stake in the content on the device, but it’s important to make sure employees know this. Employers should spell out reasonable privacy expectations in company policy so there are no surprises.

2.  Make allowances for personal use overages. Employees who use the same device for business and personal use typically get a set amount of data for business use and are responsible for personal use charges that exceed that amount. But it’s good policy to forgive a certain amount of personal overages so that employees don’t incur excessive charges.


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By Harjot Sidhu • via SmallBizDaily