February 17th 2016 60 minutes

2016 Mobile Strategy Panel Discussion

Whether your organization is calling it digital business, enterprise mobility, or simply focusing on a technology area, most organizations are feeling the pressure to have an identified path to make mobility a productive if not strategic part of their operation. MTL Research continues to indicate that MTL members represent every stage of adoption and maturity. Join the Mobile Thought Leaders for a panel discussion on mobile strategy for 2016 and beyond. Hear what members are planning for the coming months as reported in the 2016 MTL Strategy research as well as what our industry expert panel sees in the tea leaves.


Date & Time: February 17, 2015                       1:00pm – 2:00pm (ET)


Discussion topics include:

  • Projects and technologies on the roadmap for 2016
  • Key research findings of 100+ organizations
  • Analyst predictions for 2016
  • MTL members’ top 5 mobility concerns


Featured Speaker:

Kris Snyder, CEO, Vox Mobile

Jim Haviland, Chief Strategy Officer, Vox Mobile


Who should attend: This event benefits anyone overseeing the operational aspects of enterprise mobility, from IT professionals to line of business stakeholders involved in the success of mobile initiatives.

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